A Life of Kiss and Chase

My favorite game as a kid was “Kiss and Chase.” Needless to say with all the pretty girls in our neighborhood we did not have any over weight guys because if you wanted to kiss them, you had to catch them. When I think of memories I can easily think of playing Kiss and Chase. I think the girls came up with the idea for the game and the guys could not wait until they suggested to play. I always thought of it as the game of chase or tag with a real purpose.

Life is a big game of chasing things and when things go well, kissing them. Sometimes we only chase things and sometimes we actually get to kiss them. Sometimes the things of life sneak up on us, tags us, and gives us a great big kiss.

Life is a gift, all of it. As we give life time it begins to make a little more sense. Many times we think of life as just getting to our next destination or chase; however, it seems that the good Lord is just as concerned about the journey as He is our little destinations. If we look closely we will see His kisses along the way.

Life is a process. A process full of pain, sorrow, joy, and laughter, but as a friend once said, “Life beats the alternative.” You’ll see in my memoirs a lot of chasing on my part. I hope you will see the kisses of God. They are my desire whether I am chasing after them or not.


One thought on “A Life of Kiss and Chase

  1. delancydina says:

    Great first post! I love a kiss from God….it reminds me that I am His daughter! =)

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