Two Sets of Youth

“Darwin decided he was claustrophobic so he sat down and started to think…” were some of the funny lyrics I recently came across as I was converting some old 8mm videos to mp4s. The video clip is a song to the tune of “Two Sets of Jones” by Big Tent Revival. A couple of my students back in 1997 decided to write a song about me tearing the wall down between the junior high room and the senior high room. This was a feat one does not attempt in student ministry their first few years but I had been the youth pastor for seven years and was feeling good about my chances of creating a larger meeting room. So with the help of one of our members and some of the youth hauling off the trash, we took out the wall.

What was special about this was getting a song written about me. It may be the only song ever written about me. My claim to fame in life may be tearing down a wall in a youth room.

What was inspiring about this song was the point these two students brought out at the end of the song. “Is there a wall between you and another, and are you willing to tear it away?” The good news of the gospel is that Jesus has come to reconcile (to make friends again) us to God. Not only that, Jesus also gives us the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18-19). The wrong that is between you (and another) God’s love will remove it. The division will crumble just like the wall fell.” The question is, “Will the wall come down?” The choice is yours. “Do what you say you believe. Then you will learn of real love and be free.” Hootie Hoo!!!


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