Controlling the Rain

What do you do when life is out of your control? Yesterday, while checking the weather, I saw where a storm was about to come across the lake near our house. I decided to walk down to the dock and watch it come across the lake. A storm is an amazing thing to watch at the beach or on a lake because you can see it develop, break up, and move.

As I laid there in the hammock watching everything I had many thoughts. I thought about how we desperately need rain everyday here in our state. I thought about how good God is to give it and how amazing the whole concept. What I seemed to think about the most is how rain is something totally out of our control and we usually don’t like it when things get out of our control.

We can’t run to the store and pick up something for rain. The doctor isn’t going to give us a prescription for rain. Sure, we have our wells for our lawns, and farmers have their irrigations systems but when it gets so bad that wells, and ponds dry up we realize how we may be able to create remedies for our issues or problems but we are not going to create rain.

Rain is part of God’s blessing to us as a nation. Actually the Bible says the heavens are His storehouse and He is the One who opens them and gives rain. He says then you will lend to many nations, but you will not borrow (Deuteronomy 28:12).

As I laid there, I thought of how all of life is really out of my control. I make my choices from day to day that have seemed to direct my path to this school and that school, this person to that person, this activity to that activity; however, the bottom line is that He is in ultimate control of it all and the choices that I make are granted by Him.

The next time you see rain, let it remind you of Who is in ultimate control. When we walk by faith in this reality we experience the blessings of all types of rain from Heaven, and we find we end up being the lender, rather than the borrower.


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