One Old Crow and a Sunflower Lives Here

As I knocked on their door I noticed a little sign that read, “One Old Crow and a Sunflower Live Here.” I smiled and laughed about it. They are a cute elderly couple in my church that have gotten to the point where they can not come to church because their medical conditions. We call them shut ins. They are clearly in the last quarter of their lives but they are so full of life and great stories. They have pictures, tons of pictures, in every room I can see of four grown children, tons of grandchildren, and some great-grandchildren.

There is always two smiles, thoughts about the Lord’s goodness, and a beautiful example of sixty-nine years of marriage.

Last month I got I got a phone call that Miss

Emma, the sunflower, had to be taken to the hospital. As I walk into he SICU room, she greets me with a smile and holds my hand. In fact she holds my hand the whole time as she tells me her latest adventures of trips to the doctor and finally to the hospital. We pray together and I leave.

Over the next week I visit her daily and watched her get weaker and weaker. At the end of the week she is given a breathing tube because her heart is only ay forty percent. I walk in to visit her, she reaches for my hand and I tell her I just wanted to come by and see her and pray with her. She says thank you the best she can with a tube in her mouth but she did something I have never seen before with all my trips to hospitals. She smiled. In all my years, I have never seen someone smile with a breathing tube in her mouth. That was the last time I saw Miss Emma alive… smiling.

As I got up to speak at her funeral I spoke about what an honor it was to be her pastor and then about the little sign at her door that read an “Old Crow and a Sunflower Live Here.” There were many flowers around her casket, but there was one sunflower in the middle of them all. Yes, her spirit and soul had gone on to be with the Lord. Just her body, her earth suit, was left behind. The sunflower no longer lived here but her impact lived on and was felt in that moment. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” Psalm 116:15

You see, Miss Emma, was more than just a sunflower, she was a Son-flower. She always looked towards the Son and she reflected His glory with her life. She even reflected the Son in her death. The Psalmist says, “The length of our days is seventy years–or eighty, if we have the strength… for they quickly pass, and we fly away” Psalm 90:10. I watched a Son-flower fly away that day and I could see her still smiling, still reflecting as she heard the Heavenly Father say, “Well done, My servant” you are truly one of My Son’s flowers.

Where is your gaze? Who do you look to for life? What do you reflect?


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