The Lord is My Master

What are sheep like? I have never been around them long enough to know. What I do know about sheep, I had to study about them. I have no personal experience with them. This past week while sitting in class at Reformed Theological Seminary our professor referred to The 23rd Psalm.  It also has been titled the Shepherd’s Psalm.

Shepherds take care of sheep, which is common in Israel. It is as common as Americans owning and taking care of dogs. I started to think—which is a dangerous thing for me—what if the 23rd Psalm was about dogs rather than sheep. I started to think about my son’s Border Collie, and the Labrador Retriever I used to own. What if The Shepherd’s Psalm was The Master’s Psalm. This is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy.

The Lord is my Master.

He gives me everything I need.

He makes me lie down in my comfy bed 
right beside my bowl of cool water.

He directs my mind and my will.

He leads me in obedience training so He can brag on me for His glory and namesake.

Even though we go on walks with all kinds of danger around me, I will fear nothing 
for my Master is with me.

His collar is around me and He has hold of my leash.
 They comfort me and make me feel safe.

He prepares a dish full of food in the presence of every pesky flea and irritating cat I know.

He anoints my head with shampoo and Frontline. My bowls overflow.

Surely My Master’s love for me and His friendship are with me all the days of my life.

And I shall rest in the house of my Master, next to the AC vent, forevermore.


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