Sandy Hook Shooting Newtown, Connecticut… Analyzing A Troubled 20 Year Old

Connecticut School ShootingAs our nation mourns and heals from the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut we are bombarded with the question, “What can we do to avoid this ever happening again?” The most popular vibe will be gun control. We will ask why this young man was so angry and crazed to kill his own mother and the children at this school. This young man’s divorced parents have already been observed on the news. The fact that he felt crazed to kill the children too… points to the fact that there was some form of resentment or hatred towards what this class represented. This situation will be analyzed for years. The bottom line is that this leaves us numb and without real answers.

Adam Lanza was twenty years old. That means he was born around 1992. What happened in this young man’s life between 1992-2012 that would cause him to go off the deep end? Was he indulged too much? Was he resentful towards a working mom that he felt valued her class over him? Did money play a part of this? We may never know the answer to these questions.

The fact is that we are seeing this more and more. We are also seeing this from people who look like normal people, like people we see everyday. President Obama’s speech on December 14th, 2012 made reference of putting politics aside and stopping behavior like this, as if we can police this. The fact is that we really have little control over the drug war in America, the drunk drivers killing others, or crazed gunmen going on a killing spree. So who are you going to blame? Are you going to blame a lack of gun control, the rise of divorce, working moms, video games, society in general, or television? What is interesting is that President Obama gave the answer to all the above in his speech but one would have to be a keen listener to have heard it.

At the end of President’s Obama’s speech he said, “May God bless the memory of the victims and, in the words of Scripture, heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds.” There is your answer! Who is the One who heals and binds up wounds? Do you know what he was quoting? Yes the Bible, but more specifically? It was Psalm 147:3. President Obama may not know where this Old Testament scripture is fulfilled but it is fulfilled in the Person of Jesus (Luke 4:18). He is our answer. He was the answer Adam Lanza’s issue. It’s interesting that the name Adam means man because Jesus is the answer to mankind. America can keep on policing everything from elementary schools to the middle east but until we look to the One who controls the heart, we will continue seeing tragedies like this and we will keep on asking. “Why?”barackobamaschoolshootingspeechap_296

Today, make the commitment to become a Christ follower. Admit you are a sinner and need Christ (Romans 3:23). Understand that Jesus loves you and died for your sins (Romans 5:8 & John 3:16). Realize Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6). Ask Him to be your Lord (boss) and Savior today. You do this through prayer, which is talking to God.

You can pray something like: God, thank You for sending Jesus to die for me on the cross. I realize I am a sinner and that I need forgiveness that only Your Son can provide. I ask that He would save me, cleanse me, and make me His follower and Your child. Thank You for loving me this much to do this. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Now… Please get involved in a Bible believing church and start influencing people from the inside out and stop trying to control them from the outside in.


The Purpose of the Law

Recently I had to change the windshield wipers on a couple of our vehicles. When I got to my 1990 Dodge Colt, I realized it was not going to happen. I did a little research and then I noticed a toll free phone number on the box and right above it read, “Need extra parts, call…” I needed something so I called. Come to find out, my car takes an extra part that converts the old system to the new system.

What is the purpose of windshield wipers? They give us a clearer line of vision while driving. Life is like driving and the law in the Old Testament is like a set of good windshield wipers. The law gives us a clearer line of vision of what God desires, and it also can warn us when there is a problem up ahead.

Lets say you’re driving down the road in the pouring rain and you have a set of windshield wipers that are not doing the job. Your visibility is weak and you miss the sign that says, “Bridge out ahead.” If you keep going under these circumstances, you are in trouble. Windshield wipers keep us from destruction. However, they cannot get us to the other side. Even if I can read the sign and see that the bridge is out, guess what? The bridge is still out.

This is where Christ comes in and does what the law is unable to do, bridge the gap between us, and God. Jesus is a new, well-constructed bridge between God and us. (John 14:6)

What about you? Are you driving down the road clueless that the bridge is out ahead? Maybe your windshield wipers are working perfectly, you know there is trouble ahead but you’re just choosing to do nothing about it. My prayer is that your line of vision would be clear to see we are all sinners and in desperate need of a personal relationship with Jesus. He died for us even while we were sinners (Romans 3:23) to bring us salvation as a gift. It’s free, but not cheap because it cost Him His life.

There is a well-constructed bridge ahead for you to take. I hope you will take it and remember to keep those windshield wipers because they are still useful to help your line of vision. You will find the road of life will be much more pleasant when you discover the new spiritual GPS you get on the other side of the bridge, not to mention your new Driver who is available whenever you want to let Him drive.